Which natural fiber is right for your project?

Our exclusive Calypso In Color yarn

Produced from US-sourced animals who are humanely raised. Their fiber is spun in a small facility in central Pennsylvania. The animals who grow this fiber are raised by land-protecting, animal-welfare conscientious producers, on small family owned farms. And it’s all done here in the US.

Our Calypso In Color Vibrants

These yarns are dyed in partnership with MJ fibers, right here in Colorado.

These yarns are dyed in Pennsylvania with natural dyes locally grown and foraged, when possible, or imported from fair-trade suppliers. The exhausted dye baths are even recycled as natural fertilizer to help the next generation of dye-plants grow strong and healthy. 

Our Calypso In Color Naturals


I started my life, serving my country, as a humble USPS special delivery truck.  After thirteen years, they retired me to the yard. That’s where my partner Robbie found me, and promised me an exciting new beginning filled with adventure, travel and new people to meet. READ MORE



Robbie has this vision for a vacation-like retail experience for you. To get there you need only envision unique, fun tie-dye arts and yarns primarily made up of natural fibers, US-sourced, spun, and dyed, where possible, and luxury fibers from around the world. READ MORE

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