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ORGANIC COTTON T-SHIRT:  Pre-Shrunk, Colorfast, 100% US-Grown, US-Made, Certified Organic Cotton, Made in America.


These extraordinary Unisex T-Shirts are 100% grown and manufactured in Texas, USA.  The cotton is 100% certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture.  These T’s are made of 5.7 oz unbleached Cotton Jersey, there is no formaldehyde used in processing, and they are washed with natural biodegradable soaps and softeners. Then I add my creative dying processes, and voila, you have a one-of-a-kind new favorite shirt!



The colors below are soft. We also offer this t-shirt in soft colors. See a visual comparison.


  • Soft: Muted, stone-washed colors. These garments have a more lived-in look.
  • Vivid: Bright, more saturated colors. Make a statement with these garments!
  • Storm: Add black to any Vivid color set to add depth.

Adult Tie-Dye T-Shirt - Soft Swirl Design

  • There's this guy, Gary, down in Texas who has created a textile industry around these great T-shirts. He and his family organically grow the cotton, gin the cotton, spin the yarn, knit the cloth, and sew the shirts.


    They're certified organic by the Texas Dept of Agriculture, and so are the other growers they now buy cotton from.  It is quite an accomplishment to make these T-shirts from seed, sun and water, don't you think? Help us support Gary, his family, and all the other Certified Organic Texas Cotton Growers!

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