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Cubics Double Pointed Needles from Knitter's Pride are a cuboid (square, rather than round) shaped needle made of Symfonie Wood in Rose Texture.with a nice gradual tapered rounded point.  The unique ergonomic shape provides excellent grip and comfort to the hand, creating uniform stitches.


Size:  US #0-2

Lengths:  6"

US #0-2 CUBICS DPN Knittng Needles 6" length

  • Cubics Needles from Knitter's Pride are a cuboid shape (square, rather than round) which helps you to hold on to them, with less stress to your hands. Needle size is measured diagonally, and needles fit into a standard needle sizer just like round needles.  Made of Symfonie Wood in Rose texture, Cubics needles are ergonomic, comfortable to use, and lightweight.




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