Knitter's Pride flexiblr cords for Interchangeable Needle sets.  Fits all Knitter's Pride IC needles.  Product features long threaded screw-in join to insure that cord and needles stay tightly connected.  Tightening hole provided with specially designed "key" to facilitate effortlss tightening.  7 lengths available now in different colors, for instant recognition. 

Ends purchased separately



Lengths:  to make 16" - 60"

Knitter's Pride cords for Interchangeable Knitting Needles



    I started my life, serving my country, as a humble USPS special delivery truck.  After thirteen years, they retired me to the yard. That’s where my partner Robbie found me, and promised me an exciting new beginning filled with adventure, travel and new people to meet. READ MORE



    Robbie has this vision for a vacation-like retail experience for you. To get there you need only envision unique, fun tie-dye arts and yarns primarily made up of natural fibers, US-sourced, spun, and dyed, where possible, and luxury fibers from around the world. READ MORE

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