Nova Cubics Platina Interchangeable Needles from Knitter's Pride are a cuboid (square, rather than round) shaped brass needle that is chrome plated to create a brilliant shine and finish, with perfectly tapered sharp points.  The unique ergonomic shape provides excellent grip and uniform stitches, the ultra smooth finish provides quick gliding of stitches for faster knittng.  Like all Knitters Pride interchangeables, needles are easy to connect to their cords with a smooth join that enables easy stitch glide with no snagging.  5" standard length designed to be used with 24" - 60" cords.  4" special length designed to be used with 16" - 20" cords for smaller circumference knitting (though they may be used with longer cords also).

Cords purchased separately


Size:  US #10-11

Lengths:  5” Standard 

US #10-11 NOVA CUBICS PLATINA IC Knittng Needles 5" Standard Length

  • These shiny smooth needles help you to knit faster, with their superior finish and sharp, gradually tapered point..  Their cuboid shape helps you to hold on to them, with less stress to your hands. Needle size is measured diagonally, and needles fit into a standard needle sizer just like round needles.  Engineered from hollow brass pipes, Nova Cubics Platina needles are ergonomic, lightweight, and highly affordable.





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