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Dreamz Interchangeable Needles from Knitter's Pride are ideal for all yarns and every project.  Lightweight, strong and durable these color-coded birch needles are easy to connect to their cords with a smooth join that enables easy stitch glide with no snagging.  5" standard length designed to be used with 24" - 60" cords.  4" special length designed to be used with 16" - 20" cords for smaller circumference knitting (though they may be used with longer cords also).

Cords purchased separately


Size:  US #8-10

Lengths:  4” Special

US #8-10 DREAMZ IC Knittng Needles 4" Special Length

  • These laminated birch wood needles come in a range of colors for easy identification and organization.  Wood is warm, and easy on the hands.  Dreamz needles are lightweight, strong and durable, come with perfect points, and are flawlessly tapered, making them ideal for all yarns, and every project.




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