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Who We Are:  Calypso

A call to serve...

I started my life, serving my country, as a humble USPS special delivery truck.  After thirteen years, they retired me to the yard. That’s where my partner Robbie found me, and promised me an exciting new beginning filled with adventure, travel and new people to meet.

Fresh and fabulous!

Robbie cleaned me up, stripped me of all that former industrial aluminum shelving, gave me a new interior of up-cycled pallet wood paneling, and outfitted me with crisp stainless steel fixtures.



With an electrical upgrade, to power some music, POS and lights to show off my new Island-inspired graphics, I’m ready to let people know what I’m all about!

Who’s with me?

I love to travel the Denver-metro area and meet new people.  I see each new Pop-Up as a new Port of Call, with new travelers, ready to embark on a colorful odyssey. Will you join me?

I’m bold. I’m sassy, and I’m ready to show off my cache of merchandise!

Come aboard, see what Calypso has to feed your Inner Goddess!
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